Arezoo Rajabi

Senior Quantitative Data Analytic Specialist AI/ML

Adjunct Faculty Member; University of Washington

About Me:

I currently hold the position of Senior Quantitative Data Analytics Specialist AI/ML at Wells Fargo N.A. Additionally, I proudly serve as an adjunct faculty member at Network Security Lab, University of Washington, where I passionately contribute to cutting-edge research problems in attacks and defenses for deep neural networks Prior to this, I dedicated my time as a postdoctoral scholar at the esteemed Network Security Lab, University of Washington. My research during this period was centered on the critical domains of differential privacy and defenses against membership inference and backdoor attacks. My academic journey led me to earn a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Oregon State University (OSU), where I was fortunate to be mentored by Prof. Rakesh B. Bobba. Earlier in my academic pursuits, I earned both my Master's and Bachelor's degrees in Computer Engineering and Computer Science at the prestigious Sharif University of Technology. Throughout my academic and professional journey, my passion has consistently revolved around the intersection of Machine Learning and Cybersecurity, with my Ph.D. project specifically focusing on Image Privacy. I am dedicated to advancing the boundaries of these fields and leveraging my expertise to contribute meaningfully to the world of technology and data security.

Research Interests: Differential Privacy, Attacks and Defenses in Deep Learning, Trustworthy AI


  • Ph.D. degree in Computer Science, Department of Computer Science, Oregon State University (2014-2021)

  • M.Sc. degree in Computer Engineering, Department of Computer Engineering, Sharif University of Technology (2011-2013)

  • B.Sc. degree in Computer Secience, Department of Computer Science, Sharif University of Technology (2006-2011)